Enjoy the JMB Padel Academy
experience in Alicante

Train a professional level in one of the most prestigious padel academies in Spain

The JMB Padel Academy is an all-year-round padel academy that is located in Alicante. We cover everything related to the sport itself, from the work methodology and training the players, to the creation of customised training programmes.

Discover the JMB Padel Academy methodology

One of the best ways to be a successful padel player is to be accompanied by the best professionals.

Join our academy now and discover your own customised padel programme, designed to meet your needs, which will help you improve your skills as a player.


JMB Padel Academy

We are a professional and amateur padel Academy. We have more than 30 years of experience in the sector, we have competed and have trained in the best academies around the world.

The time has come to share all our knowledge with players who want to improve, who don’t settle for anything but the best.

We are located in one of the best areas of Spain, Alicante, with more than 330 sunny days a year, where you will be able to enjoy your favourite sport in a delightful atmosphere.


Our goal

Training players with great values and teach you how to compete and train like the best padel players in the world. 

We have the best coaches to make sure this comes true.

As for amateurs on a basic level, we will train you so that you fine-tune in your game finding padel a fascinating sport.

We have a range of possibilities available to improve your performance, adapting to any type of player’s profile.

Would you like to learn how to compete?

Certain benchmarks are set to compete, which a player doesn’t actually master until they are well into their career. At the JMB Padel Academy we teach you everything you need to know so that you learn how to compete and grow as a player.

The JMB Padel Academy philosophy

The JMB Padel Academy was set up to become the leading professional and amateur padel academy in Spain, thanks to its extensive experience in the market and its innovative methodology.

We will work together on skills such as competitiveness, sportsmanship, the positive experience, the empathy, self-improvement, self-awareness, respect, self-confidence, effort and dedication, if we want to take the sports practice to a purely individualised and educational domain.

Jordi Muñoz during his playing days,
World Padel Tour 2016 

JMB Padel Academy Programmes

Participants will fine-tune all the areas of the game through daily double training sessions that are included in the programme.

The morning sessions will focus on practicing the different strokes and shots. The afternoon sessions will focus on the tactics of the game and priority will be given to the positioning on the court, directions, attacking/ defense game and the counter-attack.

Emphasis will also be placed on improving the strokes from the back of the court and beginning the game after the serve and return.

Furthermore, real tactical competition situations will be simulated to learn how to focus on the decisive points in a match.

In this complete programme participants will work on the technique, tactics and the winning mentality.


At the JMB Academy we love training adult players who want to improve their level of padel.

The customised programmes are designed for players who want to enjoy this amazing sport, padel, in a high performance environment.

Top-tier coaches

English-speaking coaches, with more than 20 years of experience in padel

Specific method programme

It guarantees the maximum improvement in your game regardless your level

Customised training programmes

For professionals (competition), advanced, intermediates or beginners.

Participation in Spanish Padel Tournaments

Preparation with a work methodology, training, programmes, etc.


Jordi Muñoz

He is a former professional tennis and padel player. Currently, he runs the JMB Padel Academy in Alicante.

In padel, his best ranking was #5 doubles partner of the world in WPT and #10 individual.

He has played with the best players in the world as a doubles partner such us : Juan Lebron, Paquito Navarro and Maxi Sánchez (all of them former number 1 in the world, among others).


He has been world champion 3 times, twice with the absolute team and another time with the veteran team. He has been the European champion 3 times and has played in 4 Master Finals.

Call us or send and e-mail here , and we will reply within the next 24 hours. See you very soon!

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